Friday, August 12, 2011

Main Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

  1. Democrats are for equality to all citizens.  Republicans are for gaining individual power over others by exerting financial influence over politicians and by manipulating the populous with far-right propaganda (see Fox News).

  2. Democrats are for the working class, thus are pro-union.  Republicans are for free market (i.e. rules that make it easy for them to scam people while holding the consumers responsible for payment of their poor products-see Monsanto, the Supreme Courts Decision on campaign financing, 2005 change in the bankruptcy laws, lack of Wall Street oversight, etc).

  3. Republicans are for the rich, although the majority of their supporters are poor or middle class whites who vote against their own best interests every election cycle due to buying the propaganda and delusions of grandeur that they themselves will one day be among the wealthiest Americans. Democrats support the working class and less fortunate in society.  Democrats realize that even with hard work the odds are stacked against you.  If you start out with no capital the only way to get rich is to focus half your life on making money, which means missing out on the greater things of life whereas Republicans are all about financial greed to fill their empty souls.

  4. Republicans hide their greed behind Christianity.  They fail to realize that their own "Savior" had liberal, progressive leanings (i.e. give up your property to join the Christian community and such parables as it being easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of heaven , etc.).  Democrats understand that all religions try to teach us moral and ethical behavior through the use of symbolism, not literalism.As Joseph Campbell said, "The priest presents for consideration a compound of inherited forms with the expectation (or at times, even the requirement) that one should interpret and experience them in a certain authorized way, whereas the artist first has an experience of his own, which he then seeks to interpret and communicate through effective forms. Not the forms first and then the experience, but the experience first and then the forms." 

  5. Republicans believe that if you do not work hard (again, propaganda meaning work hard for THEM) at making money (why they printed "In God We Trust" on our currency-that is their true God) you are a bum.  They see no value in science (unless it is for creating drugs for the pharmaceutical industry) and deny climate change because it will hurt the oil companies and other businesses that are destroying the Earth.